Day 76 - General update

by alex 17. April 2013 17:01

It's day 76 and I feel like the last week was squandered: I didn't have any major contributions to any of my on going projects and that leaves me feeling a bit misguided.

During this time, I got back into Unity and began refreshing myself on the coding style. Why? How will it make me money? I don't know that it will, and I feel a bit guilty about that, but you have to take time for hobbies, right? Never know where a good project will come from!

I also created a Tumblr account, which I'm using to post images that might be interesting to non-programmers. This is my creative outlet. Interesting note - the Tumblr blog gained traffic much faster than this or the product blog. I'm going to attribute the ease of getting traffic to the nature of the subject matter, for now.

Taxes are done! I'll blog about that directly following this post. And I'll also make an update on the No Dice Required exploration (not looking positive after 10 days or so).


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