Day 61 - Hibernation and resubmitting indexes

by alex 2. April 2013 17:39

Day 61: two months of freedom have passed!

Last week I mentioned that I was changing the titles on the sales page. That was a week ago yesterday, and Google search results hadn't relfected updats. So yesterday I resubmitted my site for indexing. No changes yet on the search results.

I design most of my websites to send me an email when a visitor hits a 404 or a 500 error.

Lately, I've recently been seeing an increased number of 404's from one of my older (terrible in hindsight) websites, No Dice Required. No Dice Required was designed to let people study foreign languages with activities more interesting than multiple choice quizzes. 

That's the entirety of the website available to anonymous viewers and bots. Somehow, from February 1st - March 28th, this convinced 25 people to create an account.

I don't understand it either.

Why are people creating accounts? Are they expecting to play games or study languages? Language study isn't mentioned anywhere on the landing pages (or anywhere visible to bots) so I don't think that's the answer. How did 25 people even find this site?

Unfortunately, I didn't have a Google Webmaster Tools account linked to the Analytics tracker this site has been using, so I don't have any search queries recorded. But this may be an indication that this site still has some potential.

I spent the last few days migrating some of the code into ASP.NET MVC 4 (it was using MVC 2) and preparing some dynamically created landing pages. Here's a sample of a landing page -

This page was dynamically generated from data, using word sets, layouts, categories and such. I'm currently planning that this page would be visible at but it might be better for it to be more shallow; something like I'll start with the first one url pattern because it's easiest and done already, and then introduce the 2nd and do some A-B testing.

I'm going to push this to the net soon. This version doesn't allow anyone to login and use the site, but no one has actually figure out how to play games since July 2012.


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