Day 54 and 55 - Logos, Twitter and wasting time

by alex 26. March 2013 19:34

Last week I settled on Build Keeper.NET for my product's brand name. Yesterday I worked on a few logo ideas based around that name. The next post will include some design samples.

I posted one of my recent traffic assessments to Twitter. Writing to the #SEO and #startup hash tags is kind of like joining a long line of people who are shouting at the same wall.

There's so much traffic to these tags that unless you're a major player already, these hash tags will not generate any traffic or interest. So hey, let's tweet all the posts from the last three days or so. I'm not in a vacuum!

I'm going to tweet every post to this blog until the Twitter police come and take away my keyboard.

They'll never find me.

Yesterday and today were not very fruitful. I've been editing a long post on security, preventing XSS attacks and rich editing in websites. I think this has stagnated me a little; I've taken a "weekend" but without any relaxing. Sometimes the next step isn't 100% clear.


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