Broadcasting your sitemap to search engines

by alex 30. April 2013 18:10

Day 89!

I just realized that I had the sitemap for the BuildKeeper.NET blog configured incorrectly with Google. D'oh! I was using the RSS feed instead of the dynamic sitemap! After fixing this problem, my submitted-pages count jumped up!

I don't think this mistake caused terrible problems because my blog shows up in Google results when searching for my post titles and keywords. But it means that my blog would have been a step or two behind in scanning, because new blog posts could only be detected if the blog root was reindedex first.

A few months ago I manually registered a static sitemap for the sales site and the dynamic sitemap (although incorrectly) with Google Webmaster Tools. This means Google has my sitemaps, but Bing and Yahoo don't. To broadcast your sitemaps to all search engines, add them to your robots.txt file. Here's a snippet with mine:



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