Search indexes FINALLY updated

by alex 30. April 2013 18:30

About a month ago I mentioned that I was changing the titles in the sales site. It took about a month, but it is finally updated! This means I might rank better for the keywords I'm targeting.

Search results for "site:"

Broadcasting your sitemap to search engines

by alex 30. April 2013 18:10

Day 89!

I just realized that I had the sitemap for the BuildKeeper.NET blog configured incorrectly with Google. D'oh! I was using the RSS feed instead of the dynamic sitemap! After fixing this problem, my submitted-pages count jumped up!

I don't think this mistake caused terrible problems because my blog shows up in Google results when searching for my post titles and keywords. But it means that my blog would have been a step or two behind in scanning, because new blog posts could only be detected if the blog root was reindedex first.

A few months ago I manually registered a static sitemap for the sales site and the dynamic sitemap (although incorrectly) with Google Webmaster Tools. This means Google has my sitemaps, but Bing and Yahoo don't. To broadcast your sitemaps to all search engines, add them to your robots.txt file. Here's a snippet with mine:



Day 53 - Sitemaps and Google search indexing progress

by alex 25. March 2013 19:41

Last night, I reconfigured the blog to use the same Google Analytics tracker currently used by the product site.

I also submitted two sitemaps to Google: a map of the pages in the product site and the RSS feed from the blog. After submitting the site maps, the Google Webmaster tools is empowered to make a few suggestions. The only actionable data I have received so far is that the meta description of the blog was too short.

Submitting the sitemap directly caused 17 pages to be submitted to Google for scanning and 1 of them was immediately indexed. An index is an entry in a search engine's database - you could have the most interesting and useful content in the world, but if your site isn't index it will never appear in search results.

You can gain indexes by submitting sitemaps or by generating cross links from other blogs and sites.

Here's a chart of my index history over the last year:

(I just lost half this blog post because I accidentally closed the tab, and that's very frustrating.)

The product site didn't exist until sometime in December - my first record of traffic from my current tracker is on December 29th. It's interesting to note that I didn't get any indexes until almost a week after it was published.

Was this because I was queued by Google in some way or did I do something to bootstrap the process? I can't remember.

However, if you are starting a new site, you should submit a sitemap and use the Google URL submitter as early as possible in order to allow Google to begin building indexes and trust.

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